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Sword Art Online 2Title: Sword Art Online II
Type: TV Series
Year: Jul 05, 2014 to Dec 20, 2014
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Science Fiction, Seinen, Thriller
Status: OngoingAir Date: Every SaturdaySummaryA year after the past event, Kirito is asked by Kikuoka to investigate Gun Gale Online, specifically Death Gun, a weapon which seemed to link deaths in the virtual reality world to those in the real world. Upon entering the game, Kirito meets Sinon who teaches him the ropes of the game. They both enter the Gun Gale Online tournament, Bullet of Bullets. Kirito displays his amazing skills although he is only a newcomer to the game. Later, Kirito finds out that the mysterious deaths are linked to a red guild named Laughing Coffin in SAO.(Summaries provided by ANN and AniDB)
Sword art online

Series Information

Title: Sword Art Online
Type: TV Series, 25 episodes
Year: Jun 24, 2012
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Science Fiction, Seinen, Thriller
Status: Finished airing

Air Date: Every Saturday


Trapped and fighting for their very lives in a Virtual Reality MMORPG, Aincrad Online, the story explores the mishaps and adventures of the greatest one handed swordsman of the VR world, Kirito. Together with his friends, the solo swordsman strives to finish the game, which in turn will release all the minds trapped into Aincrad.

(Summaries provided by ANN and AniDB)


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Season 2 Episodes

Sword Art Online 2 Episode 24  — NEW – Dec.20 – 2014
Sword Art Online 2 Episode 23 — Dec.13 – 2014
Sword Art Online 2 Episode 22
  — Dec.06 – 2014
Sword Art Online 2 Episode 21 
— Nov.29 – 2014
Sword Art Online 2 Episode 20 — Nov.22 – 2014
Sword Art Online 2 Episode 19
— Nov.15 – 2014
Sword Art Online 2 Episode 18 
– Nov.08 – 2014
Sword Art Online 2 Episode 17
  — Nov.01 – 2014
Sword Art Online 2 Episode 16 
 — Oct.25 – 2014
Sword Art Online 2 Episode 15
  — Oct.18 – 2014
Sword Art Online 2 Episode 14.5
 — Oct.11 – 2014
Sword Art Online 2 Episode 14
  — Oct.04 – 2014
Sword Art Online 2 Episode 13
  — Sep.27 – 2014
Sword Art Online 2 Episode 12
  — Sep.20 – 2014
Sword Art Online 2 Episode 11
  — Sep.13 – 2014
Sword Art Online 2 Episode 10
 — Sep. 06 – 2014
Sword Art Online 2 Episode 9
  –August, 30 – 2014–
Sword Art Online 2 Episode 8   –August, 23 – 2014–
Sword Art Online 2 Episode 7  –August, 16 – 2014–
Sword Art Online 2 Episode 6  –August, 09 – 2014–

Sword Art Online 2 Episode 5  –August, 02 – 2014–
Sword Art Online 2 Episode 4
  –July, 26 – 2014–
Sword Art Online 2 Episode 3
  –July, 19 – 2014–
Sword Art Online 2 Episode 2
  –July, 12 – 2014–
Sword Art Online 2 Episode 1
  –July, 5 – 2014–

Specials Episodes

Sword Art Online Extra Edition Episode 1
Sword Art Online Specials 5
Sword Art Online Specials 4
Sword Art Online Specials 3
Sword Art Online Specials 2
Sword Art Online Specials 1

Season 1 Episodes
Sword Art Online Episode 25
Sword Art Online Episode 24
Sword Art Online Episode 23
Sword Art Online Episode 22
Sword Art Online Episode 21
Sword Art Online Episode 20
Sword Art Online Episode 19
Sword Art Online Episode 18
Sword Art Online Episode 17
Sword Art Online Episode 16
Sword Art Online Episode 15
Sword Art Online Episode 14
Sword Art Online Episode 13
Sword Art Online Episode 12
Sword Art Online Episode 11
Sword Art Online Episode 10
Sword Art Online Episode 9
Sword Art Online Episode 8
Sword Art Online Episode 7
Sword Art Online Episode 6
Sword Art Online Episode 5
Sword Art Online Episode 4
Sword Art Online Episode 3
Sword Art Online Episode 2
Sword Art Online Episode 1

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  1. Sao 2 was a kind of disrespect to kirito it made him look like a girl and a guy was naelly better than him in st sword fighting but that made it a even beer anime making him a under dog and he still won

  2. Omg I love this anime I Sao biggest fan I watched every episode I just wish I could be there with kirito they’ve ALREADY made a pair of glasses that show holograms it’s not out for sell yet

  3. im your number one fan XD

  4. i want to know if they are going to put season 3 on this site

  5. i am trying to piece it together little by little so hers the website where it will be available for download on this website

  6. i am trying to piece it together little by little so hers the website where it will be available for download

  7. when is ep 25 coming out???

    • There is no episode 25 the second season is over, 3rd season should be around 2016

      • i will patiently wait for the new sword art online season 3.. :)

      • I thought that season 3 was coming out some time in march this year

  8. Nice show I like it

  9. When will it be dubbed? Im a biiiiig fan of sao!

  10. Made me cry so hard, But still I loved it very much.. Wonder if there is gonna be season three and I hope it comes out soon. To me SAO is and will always b the best Anime show ever made

    • I agree it is one of the best! I really hope they do follow up and make a 3rd season. The light novels are great for the alicazation arc so i can’t wait.

  11. i am making a free to play mmo based on sao called:
    it will be completed in 2016!

    • please tell me when its done ;-; I need to play it please


    • Awesome…clue me in!


    • I NEEEED IT!!!!

    • make its soon pls as fast as you can pls

    • i’ve checked out ur website and it LOOKS TOTALLY AMAZING OMGGGGGGGGG


  12. who do we get all eps on sao

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  14. hello…if you guys are the actual people for sao creation do you mind if were to try to make an mmo for sao called: SAO Elements of Power
    i am serious about this.
    if you guys don’t mind then it will be completed in 2016.
    plz reply-Darknecrodemon

    • that sounds great. would live to play and help work on a game like that as i am a student in that field. I hope it turns out awesome :)

    • Sure. Why not… I’ll do it just wait till 2020.

  15. OMG I love it! SAO is so cool! I’m just waiting it comes out on Netflix.

    • a bit Late but it is on Netflix dub and sub

  16. im always checking this site to see if sao comes back…… one day it will

  17. when is season 3 coming out 3

  18. Great show i love it :3 hope season 3 comes soon! And they add more of asuna with kirito

    • asuna will not be in season 3, its only kirito. Thats why they put in a series about asuna because the next series is much longer then both of them

      • asuna is in the alicization arc just not until the end of the about 5 volume series when it comes to the light novels though i guess she is in the beginning too some.

        • Yeah i started reading them she is in the beginning a little and has a small role in between.

    • The 3rd season is mainly just Kirito Asuna is barely in the first 2 episodes, but it’s a very good arc to follow

  19. i hope ther is season 3

  20. Just waiting for season 3 to come out – Im just waiting for this and the rest of the Parasyte the Maxim videos to be released so I can get watching again, im just a bit anxious in case I experience any more (season 1) episode 10 moments…

  21. so cant wait until season 2. too bad stupid Netflix doesn’t have season 2. come on season 3, get here

  22. When sao season 3 realease

    • My Classmates said that the Author died so there would be no season 3, or, they had just crushed my hopes

    • no date i guess

      but it will come

      • i found this on another side JIC:

        Due to licensing restrictions, Sword Art Online II episodes will be delayed by 1 month in Europe, excluding the UK and Ireland.

    • Its not going to be released it ended in sao season 2

    • Sometime late 2015 – early 2016

    • late 2015 or early 2016

  23. sao 3 will come out when log horizon 2 is don because they are translated and posted by the same people

    • oh ok

    • Your stupid cause aso isn’t coming out untill the end of this or it’s going to come out next year

  24. Anyone tell me an good anime action and romance except accel world and strike the blood….please i love the anime.

    • Rosario + vampire unfortunately tho the arnt making another season. Or vampire knight. Also not making another season.

    • Absolute duo, love it

    • i hear Log horizon is pretty good. not sure if it has alot of romance but i know it has some.

      p.s heres a link : http://loghorizonepisodes.com/

    • other else anime from that???

  25. Nice! I just got Club Nintendo coins for FREE! :D http://freeclubnintendocoins.com

    • Sorry but no one really cares..

  26. 3rd seasons taking forever just hurry yp

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  28. yup I totally agree with you man

  29. I hope for the 25th Episode of S2, because there is ep. 14 and 14.5 soooooooo…. :D.

  30. heard that season 3 is coming end 2015/ beginning 2016 … i lived sao season 1 first part (real sao) means i cut amv, and watched it all day because it is just awesome… i really hope that season 3 won’t let me down … it would be a pity for that great anime

    • sao will be the best anime i’ve ever seen … forever… its untouchable

    • what i have to wait one more year

    • dont worry season 3 is alicization part of SAO it will make u cry alot it will be so amazing i have read the books so i know :D

  31. Pota update na please!

  32. Man i wish the third season would come out already

  33. Good anime cool exactly season 4

  34. When is season 3 comin

    • There was a comment a while back that said it will be soon

  35. Excellent blog you have here.. It’s difficult to find good quality writing like yours these days.
    I really appreciate people like you! Take care!!

  36. Watch Accel World

    • Accel world need season 2

  37. Damn,Should I watch Hyouka While waiting for season 3?! Reply Me ASAP if have any idea :) Thanks

    • is hyouka is great anime i mean it is just ok to watch

  38. Can someone tell me an good anime action and romance

    • Me

    • Well My 2 favorites other than SAO are Tokyo Ghoul- horror,thriller and Strike The Blood-action,romance

  39. Epic AMV | “The Greatest Swordsman” – Sword Art Online | EpicMusicVn°

    • I’m crying like a little child right now!
      P.S. sorry for my english I’m german

      • Vos? Mee too! (a bit)