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The first Quiz.
7 Simple Questions.
You have 5 min time to complete.
Go for it SAO Fans :-)

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  1. I know others are cheating ang searching the answers in the internet..

  2. how do people get 8 points?

    • Because we watch the show and know the answers, they are very simple…

  3. Farts

  4. Technically the Yui question is bs as that is not the correct answer do to a spelling error. It is the cardinal system not candinal system so the correct answer from those choices would be Kirito and Asunas daughter technically.

  5. I said Divine Blade rather than Holy Sword…

    • In the subtitles thats what they call it

      • i put divine blade also

  6. Heyyy~ I got 100% *Puts up victory sign*
    *Sakura Kimura is my MMO name. I am a Cait Sylph with hair that’s the color of a cherry blossom.*

  7. His special ability was only said once so I forgot

  8. Yo when I first figured out about sword art online there was only one season and I watched the show nonstop on my birthday and finished the show still on my birthday. So I watched the show in less than a day

    • Thera a second season go on crunchy roll its in jappense thou but subtitled it’s called GGO

  9. The 1st guild that kirito was in had asuna, egil, and other players right? wasnt that a guild? guess not because the answer was sachi which i thought was the answer for a second.

    • The first guild he entered was the small one with all those lvl 20 guys and that one girl. They all died in that trap-room, except for the leader, who later killed himself. On Christmas Eve he got that message from the girl, she is Sachi.

    • if your talking about the raid group, thats a raid group, not a guild

      • O. That makes much more sense now

  10. So close… I said Devine Sword instead of Holy Sword… :(

  11. its holy sheild not sword guys kirito said it in episode 17 and 10 of season one and the episode 17 is season 2 and i mean the actully kirito

    • Are you an idiot? 神聖剣 / Shinseiken – The compound 神聖 / Shinsei translates to Holy / Sacred / Divine. The last part of the word is the on-yomi reading of the kanji 剣 / Ken, meaning sword. The translation is definitely Holy [or any synonym] Sword.

  12. Yay Perfect sword took a guess on Heathcliff’s special ability ;D

  13. is heathcliffs special holy blade or something

    • Holy sword to be exact.

    • It’s Holy Sword,trust me.

  14. I put sword something

  15. It doesn’t accept Yui as Kirito & Asuna’s daughter… Grrr…..

    • I just…it’s not right she IS they’re daughter the “adopted” her!

    • It’s ok I think of her as a daughter but remember players die and yuis an immortal object.

  16. Nice

  17. i got it except i didnt read about Yui too fast. i put daughter bec she basically was. and i totally forgot his ability

    • Me too Total Lost on heatcliffs ability Well actually it should be All ecause hes the creator He has admin…

      • The special ability is Holy Sword.

  18. I said that Yui was both part of the cardinal system and Kirito and Asuna’s daughter, but it said that she wasn’t their daughter. Even though they pretty much adopted her.

  19. Actually it was Holy Sword. Sometimes things get lost in translation.

    • fuck i put hevanly blade so close

      • i put in devine blade… damnit translations

  20. I don’t get it. Heathcliffs unique ability is Divine Blade but ever time I enter that answer it is wrong. Could someone please tell me what I am doing wrong?

    • It must have been a different translation or something. You’re right, but some say holy sword

    • Its Holy Sword

  21. 32 seconds taken… Yet no leaderboard -.- oh well.
    Great Quizes though :)

  22. man that quetsion about the uinqe ability totally got me i had zero clue what it was. can anyone tell me what the answer was?

  23. Dude, this was a weeeiiiird quiz…
    I meen… Come on, what about yui, first she is their daughter and then a program (even though i think she is no program… If you get what i’m,saying)
    But owel…
    It was fun texting if i still knew all the shit :D
    Pleace keep putting all serie questions up here so we can make fun any time !
    But please…
    No yui-kind of-quistions anymore ;-)

  24. the question about yui is bullshit because shes their daughter before they find out that shes a program made by the system so i should have got it right because i picked both answers

    • Same

    • you actually got it wrong

  25. I fell head over heels in love with sao and this quiz was like it waas for kindergardeners

    • This anime was pretty famous wow

  26. Please don’t put a rude reply unless you find it completely necessary, but I’m a girl, and i am completely turned on by Asuna.
    I am straight, and everything, but just… Asuna Yuuki <3 I just think she is so cute, and after i cried on that one alfhiem scene where her bra gets ripped off, and after i cussed out my computer hoping that it would somehow hurt him XD i went back and paused that moment…
    Teresa <3 Vibrators XD
    is it normal for me to be turned on by her when I'm straight though, pleased help me. IT HURTS MY BRAIN :'(

    • I find it acceptable to be “turned on” by someone of the same gender. And still, it shouldn’t affect you irl, seeing as Asuna is (sadly) a fictional character.

    • its normal but as a lesbian myself asuna is beautiful theres tons of hentai for sao if you need help seeing what you like about her or dont.

  27. question 6 is divine blade but it said that its wrong?

    • I put divine blade as well but it said I was wrong

    • It’s called the Holy Sword

  28. This quiz is wrong first question IT’S CARDINAL NOT CANDINAL

  29. This quiz was easy rofl. If you pay attention to the series carefully.

  30. This anime was a master piece. When I heard of this I was like wtf an anime where people go into a game, but then when I watched it I cried when I finished season one. I am so happy they made season 2 thank god. Also for the heathcliff question I put shield attack but it wasnt right so im wondering what it is. Thank you.

  31. kirito will have a partner in PA arc and its not asuna or sinon

  32. Yui isn’t created by Cardinal system. She’s created as an independent program running alongside it!

    • *SPOILER
      She was created by the cardinal system but she saw that Kirito and Asuna were truly happy so she started to go against their orders

  33. this shit is the born to be wiled it really pisses me of that it will end (so sad)

    • hey how do u play the game.i clicked start quiz but nothing happened.please reply.

      • After clicking the start quiz, you will get questions to answer.

  34. I answered, Kirito’s and Asuna’s daughter for question 6, because they spelled “Cardinal” wrong.

  35. i choose unique ability is “fart ability” from ???

  36. I just finished the whole seasons 1-2 in a week but i had to stay up extra late on Sunday and I ended up sleeping 1:00 in the morning on a school night and I had to wake up at six so I only five hours if sleep like some people would catch up on their sleep after they get home from school but unlike me once I get to school and its like 3 period which FYI is PE I am wide awake and for some reason during my boring classes after PE which is English I didn’t sleep during the lecture which is really weird because I usually fall half asleep during that class when I had went to sleep at ten at night which was the longest that I can go but I stayed up extra late for the sack of my friend who told me about this show btw it’s awesome so yea that’s my life now taking requests for watching anime but recently I have finish watching (not now but like for some time ago) Naruto, Black Butler, The Devil is a Part-Timer,Say “I love you”,and last but not least Sword art online and my friend told me bout some other two but I haven’t even watched them ( the ones I just listed as finished are also the ones my friend told me to watch and the ones I haven’t watched is from the same friend except for one of them which is Naruto I saw just one ep of that anime when I was ten I didn’t start watching it till last year but here is the two animes I still haven’t watched) Blue Exorsist and Death note I really hope they are good as well cuz the ones I listed I love love love LOVE them so much so wish me good luck you guys thanks for your time for reading my note/really long message!!!!!!!!!!!! OuO

    • That was in fact a very long message, and try Baka and Test. Kinda short but hilarious and good. I’m pretty sure you’ll like it.

    • At least stop sleeping in English class until they teach you what full stops are and when to use them.

      It is hard to read a message when the sentence structure is like that. It just shows up as an intimidating wall of text.

      I really liked SAO & Death Note. I Haven’t watched that much anime yet though.

      They too wrek my sleeping “pattern” as I tend to just watch a full season in 1 day/night.

  37. anime sucks you people need to stop wasting your life

    • nice username

    • This is why we cant have nice things!

      • excuse my language…


        again excuse my language

        • ummmm I don’t to be rude my friends but don’t we have right of speech?? And Wulfel, well, I think you should calm down. I love anime too and I think that the black ops dude is insane but seriously?!”SUCKED DOG TESTICLES!!! GO CASTRATE YOUR MOM’S…” You have a wrong mind my friend.

          • Then pls reword what he said so it suits you. More people who like anime the better. But seriously b1tch ops 2 why are you here?

    • shut up anime is boss nd get the hell out wit ur blackops self

    • What, finnaly realized that COD sucks? But you guys do know hes doing this for attention right?

  38. One of the best action animes yet, with guilty crown and more.

  39. Lol I can’t see myself in the board :P

  40. sao dose have a 2nd season out

    • Yes it does.

  41. this anime is awesome

  42. Good news everyone, they’re on the verge of making SAO season 3 from the light novels.

    • I believe you just became my hero

    • And mine

    • If you lie to us… this is not someting to kid around with.

    • Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!
      But seriously dude if you’re bullshitting us….

  43. I wish they made season 2 of SAO

    • there making one its gonna hsappen it on you tube

    • They are its gonna be subtitled on the 2014

    • they did :3 GGO out now

  44. I’m pretty sure Heathcliff’s special ability is Divine Blade right? Somebody tell me if it’s right or wrong don’t tell me the actual answer.

    • nope, it is not ;-)

    • It’s “Holy Sword” it is incorrectly translated in the subtitles of the show.

      • Oh thanks! Another reason I have always wanted to learn Japanese…

        • Seriously.

      • Is is just me or does ‘Divine Blade’ sounds way more badass than ‘Holy Sword’ ? So it’s just me then?

        • divine blade sounds way cooler i agree!

      • i thought the special ability was Sacred Sword.

    • haha fuck same here ;DD

    • They needed to be alot more Pacific due to system command being a secret and an ability. I am a huge fan of this anime. It kills to see it end. Ive watched it over and over. I cant get enough. Give us more sao. Thats my dream

      • season 2 out now

        • You don’t say…

  45. Kirito and Asuna were 2 years younger when they started playing SAO.

    • Sorry for this. We will clarify the question more (at the end of the game).