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  1. i know this is stupid but does anyone know where to get the english version other than netflix?

  2. Muhahaha….

    Random? Not random enough!!

  3. At 13:13 Sugou gets really creepy

  4. What the heck. I have only missed one episode, what happened.

    • Dude you missed like the most important episode out of all. Go watch it its amazing

  5. Is it me or does Kirtio get less and less badass with every new arc?

  6. season 1.5 aka the alo arc “OK lets mix a really bad Hentai with with the first 14 episodes aka season 1 im sure EVERYONE will love it”

  7. Oh My God.

    What’s with the b****, Suguo?

    Don’t cry Kirito.

    Suguo is a sexual harasser.

    (Spoiler:Later, Suguo almost rapes Asuna).

  8. I was just so glad to see Asuna again

  9. ths epesode is sooo cool m8 i meen i love kireto so mch

  10. This is not SAO anymore, ITS ALO! … I’d rather have it that SAO never ends… Then… Yes, That will be better.

    • Honestly, they should’ve just made an episode for like every other floor of SAO, instead of SAO –> ALO –> GGO –> ???
      (I say every other because all of the floors would be soooo repetetive.


        • SAO->ALO->GGO->UW

  11. Sao, Alo, Ggo, and etc, all of the SAO anime are my No. 1 favorite anime despite what anyone say negative about it!

  12. Sword art online is like…
    The most fucking cool serie i have ever seen !
    Sorry for my language :D
    But i agreement with Anthony about kirito and his poke-shit heehee
    See you around

    • I would have to agree sao is in my top 3 animes and I have seen almost 200.

  13. Can’t express my feelling SAO is so awesome !!!!!!!

  14. omg som much cry love this anime fave person is: the blacksmith from the sao game

    • Lizbeth

  15. Why does Kirito wake everyone up by poking them in the face, i mean, he poked Asuna a few episodes earlier and wondered if he woke her up lol……

  16. i cant believe he died i like it in SAO it was more action

  17. The one thing I hate about this episode is the introduction of that f**king pedo named Sugou
    And if you don’t think he’s a pedo what else explains his sexual harassment of asuna (in virtual reality and reality) later on in the show (ps small spoiler)

  18. I was Fucking crying all the time while watching this episode. Like I feel I’m Kirito.
    *More feels than Fairy Tail man!*

    • If I was there with him even if he was a Solo player. I would help him out with Asuna, I would be his right hand man

    • Defffffffffinitely NOT more feels than Fairy Tail.
      Do not get me wrong, this show is amazing and of course has some incredibly strong feelings, but Fairy Tail is just way too deep.
      The fact that they develop every single character, even the non main characters, speaks immensely.

  19. Yes I feel the same way I love these characters and the story line it needs to continue with the originals and new connected heros especially for the main heros sister and even follow a near future, anda next generation type plot like bleach, naruto, dbz,and robotech with a expanded episoded storylines, just want more of Kirito/Kuzuto, Asuna and Sugoha/Leefa with all of their friends

  20. Do Them tow meet ?

    • two*

    • which two are you talking about exactly?

  21. I can’t wait for Kirito and Asuna to get back together!
    When that episode comes I might cry.

  22. hoping for Season 3 please make a season 3 Need a season 3

    Anyone know if there is going to be a season 3????

  23. Opening : Spoiler Alert.

  24. Was Kirito is the best of them now its his sisters time his couzin!